About ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

A child not paying attention in class.

ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and it is a chronic condition that can have a great impact on a child if a child does not get help, or if the right ADHD treatment is not prescribed.

Some of the most common symptoms of ADHD are impulsivity, inappropriate behavior, and hyperactivity. These children have difficulty staying on task and completing projects, which if not identified and treated early can be a huge barrier throughout the school years and eventually on the job. Before there was a diagnosis, these children were just seen as having lots of energy, or were just wild and always getting into trouble. Now that ADHD treatments are available, parents have the option of getting their child help so that they can be more productive in school and have fewer disruptions at home.

Physicians and psychiatrists develop individualized ADHD treatments for each child, because not all experience the same symptoms or have the same level of severity. There can also be other conditions that are present as well, such as mental or physical disorders that need to be addressed in addition to ADHD treatment. Such conditions may have a great impact on how the child responds to therapy, and if not treated simultaneously will tend to slow down progress.

Unfortunately, there is a very little awareness about ADHD in India. Many parents refuse to recognise ADHD as a medical issue and ignore it by just blaming the child. This is causing delay in getting necessary medical help for these affected children. ADHD treatment helps children to complete tasks, learn more efficiently, and interact more positively with their peers. If you suspect your child has ADHD, have him or her evaluated by a professional as soon as possible, so that your child can get the treatment he or she needs.

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